July 14, 2004

Confetti Again!

And confetti of course will always speak to me of Popeyes Chicken Strips! We were in the drive-through at Popeyes again a weekend or so ago. On the way home from yet another trip to Home Depot. And I again ordered a spicy chicken strip meal. Because that's what I do at Popeyes.

We pulled up to the window and the clerk asked me what type of sauce I'd like with my strips. For some unknown reason on impulse completely defying rational explanation, I asked her for some confetti sauce. She looked at me in askance, not understanding what I was requesting. But remember, their sweet and sour sauce is officially labeled "confetti" sauce. It's printed in relatively large letters on the lid of the container just over the smaller letters that say "sweet and sour". Since she worked there, I thought for sure she'd know what I meant. So I smiled and clarified, "sweet and sour sauce please". "Oh!" she said and grabbed a few containers of the delectable sauce.

I said conversationally "Confetti is the official Popeyes name for sweet and sour, doncha know. That's why I asked for it like that." She squinted at the top of one of the little containers she held in her hand and said with a smile "Well sure enough! I had never noticed that before!"

So what's my point? I don't have one. This is nothing new.

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Melodee said...

That whole post just made me laugh!