July 10, 2004

Our Trip

Mission accomplished!
  1. Grocery shopping: $95.54

  2. Toiletry shopping: $45.51 (but that included a belt and new sheets!)

  3. New Friends: Interesting, eclectic, kind, chatty (hot chicks few and far between however!)

  4. Apartment: Godawful, but what can one expect with five guys living there? They were trying, however. The living areas and kitchen were pretty clean!

  5. Tan: Not too much, not too little. Golden Boy he is.

  6. Performance: Enjoyed it. Lovely setting and we were treated to a gorgeous sunset. 8 costume changes for The Boy. Beautiful music. Interesting show.

  7. Feedings: Dinner, lunch, dinner. Good good and good.

  8. Hugs: Plentiful.

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