July 7, 2004

How Large is Kingdom-Size?

We sleep in a king-size bed. All of us. At the same time. We fill the king-size bed to capacity. Wendy has her side and I have mine and we are free to share each other's spaces as the mood suits. If it were just the two of us, there would almost be too much space (as if it were even possible to have too much space in bed!).

But as I said, it's not just the two of us. Cosine pretty much keeps to the foot of the bed, either the right or left side or even the middle, depending on her mood. But always at the foot. Figero also prefers the foot, typically reclining on the left end corner. Detail, when we used to bring him up to join us, never stayed long. Near the end, he occupied the middle because we didn't want him to fall out. But he usually only stayed for a little while before moving himself back to the landing.

Dudley is the one who thinks the bed belongs exclusively to him and we are just there to keep him company. He doesn't seem to care where on the bed he sleeps, just as long as it's in the bed. He does not, however, typically choose the foot of the bed. It drives Wendy crazy when we all pile in and Dudley chooses to snuggle between my legs instead of over by her. It drives me crazy too but for a different reason. I dislike being pinned in for any length of time. But it is comforting when he nests there and uses my thigh as a shelf for his chin. Just not for an extended period of time because then the comfort dissipates and I start to twitch. Which is just not pleasant. Not pleasant at all.

We were discussing that there really is just not enough room in our bed. The obvious solution of kicking the animals out of the bed is really no solution at all as far as we are concerned. Wendy opined that what we need is a kingdom-size bed rather than a mere king-size. Which begs the question... how large is kingdom-size? As long as it's at least a tad bigger than king, we'd be good to go.

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