November 28, 2004

Back To the Future

A long holiday weekend sans blogging. Until Sunday. That's today. Sunday signals the end of that long holiday weekend. Sunday signals the return of all bodies to The Places They Now Belong. Sunday signals the return of normalcy. Whatever normalcy may mean. I know what it means to me.

This morning, we hugged and waved farewell to The Boy as he hopped into his suitemate's automobile to brave the teeming highways and byways as they return to The Place They Now Belong. He carried with him a mountain of clean and sweet smelling clothing. I'm sure when he gets back to the dorm, it will once again be strewn on the floor and flung in whatever direction it happens to fly. Not my problem! And that's a good thing. He also toted two turkey sandwiches, two Fugi apples and two bottles of water. Boys get hungry in the car. Boys get hungry everywhere.

Do I miss him yet? Silly me.


weese said...

boy in college eh?
I'll be back then. Sounds like we may have some things in common. You have one more..yes?
(lesbian parents with one in grad school, one in high school)

Suzanne said...

Yes, one boy in college.
He's the only one however. :)