November 14, 2004

Get Up. Get Out of Here. Enough Already! *

Wendy and I attempted to enjoy almost two full days of laying around being not-very-productive members of society. The attempt was made more difficult due to the guilt which constantly poked at us for being lazy unmotivated slugs. That's right. Catholics don't have the market cornered on guilt. Neither do those of the Jewish faith. We not-totally-godless heathens feel guilt too.

Actually, Wendy had three full days of laying around. But she has an excuse. She had a bit of a bug. Because I was and have been perfectly healthy, the first day she spent laying around I was at work. Working. Or whatever it is I get paid to do.

Of course, those next two days I could not leave her on her own to lay around. What kind of a partner would I be if I didn't keep her company and bear some of the burden of laying around? Why I'd be a crappy one, that's what.

But today.
Oh today.
Today we broke out.
Big time.

I can't share with you in detail all the productive things we did today because I'm supposed to be working on my NaNo word count, not exalting over all our accomplishments in a blog entry. Suffice to it say the leaves that were once scattered ankle deep all over our yard are now in one of two places: a) stuffed into one of the twenty-two bags bulging leaf bags piled next to the old oak tree, or b) reuniting with relatives whom last year had relocated to the wildlife refuge in our backyard.

We are also this close (picture me holding up my hand, with my thumb and my forefinger positioned just a pinch apart) to putting the toilet back into the upstairs bathroom. It's been residing in the guest room for several months now and with company coming for the holidays, well, someone just might notice.

It's amazing what one can accomplish if one just gets out of bed.

* title of this post shamelessly borrowed from an Alanis song. Can't remember the title, but the words are definitely hers not mine.


Eyes for Lies said...

Okay, what is up with the toliet in the guest room? Spill the beans, missy!

Suzanne said...

Doesn't everyone keep a toilet in the guest room?
Oh. No? Well then.

Long story short: complete gut and re-do of the upstairs bathroom. This project is kicking our asses... oops, I mean taking a little longer than we hoped. So until we get it finished, the toilet is tucked out of the way in the guest room.

Eyes for Lies said...

That's what I suspected. Thanks for the reply! We are just pulling a permit to start the same troubles. Yikes! I hate the thought of it.

By the way, I made a post this morning above on your latest post, but I don't see it. Did you get it?