November 13, 2004

Fish in a Can

I was supposed to go grocery shopping yesterday. But the weather was not conducive to leaving the house: 40 degrees, raining hard, cold splishy-splashing heavy driving rain. Just miserable. I did not want to go out in weather like that. I was in my jammies. I was cozy. I was warm. I did not want that status to change. Plus my girlfriend was home too. In her jammies. Cozy and warm. So I didn't go to the grocery.

But then it came time for dinner. All my previous thoughts on dinner had been pushed off into the "I don't need to think about that now because I'm going to the grocery store later" place. I neglected to re-visit the issue after changing my mind about leaving the house. I did know there was not much food-food in the house. We had plenty of snack food on hand. But not dinner-making-food-food. So when dinner time came along, I was stymied. Should we phone out for food? And if not the phone, then what to make for dinner? Suddenly everything fell into place.

Last night we dined on tuna patties. Ayup. Tuna patties.

I don't even know where the idea for tuna patties came from or how such an idea ever made it into my not-so-imaginative mind. The first time I made them was an act born of desperation. It was another situation similar to the one in which I found myself last night. People to feed and no real idea of what to feed them. Down to canned goods and a few odd ball left-over items but not enough left over to be of any real use.

I don't know about your household but in our household invariably there are at least six cans of tuna fish on one of the pantry shelves. It's just one of those things we don't seem to run out of. So I mixed together the same ingredients I use to make meatballs, substituting canned tuna fish for the usual ground beef, omitting the milk and changing the seasonings a little. And then formed patties instead of balls.

You may be thinking, "Oh big deal. I make tuna patties all the time! Why does she think tuna patties are anything special?"

Because in our house, they are special. Turns out Wendy really enjoys them. And they are easy to whip up when there's really no dinner-making-food-food left in the house on those too lazy to go grocery shopping days. So I win despite having been a slug hanging around in my jammies all day.

Yay for tuna.
Yay for jammies.
Yay for rainy days.


The Mistress of the Dark said...

Ah..kinda like tuna croquettes or however you spell that. Very yummy indeed, especially with shrimp sauce :)

Have a great weekend!

Melodee said...

You could SO go out in your pajamas, you know. It's a national trend. ;)