November 20, 2004

The Stars Might Lie, But the Numbers Never Do

The title is a favorite quote of mine. Anyone know the source of it besides the Mary Chapin Carpenter song "I Feel Lucky"?

So I am sharing some numbers herein. Because numbers are almost as cool as words. Almost.

My NaNoWri word count has been displayed to the right since I began. But there are so many more interesting numbers to share relating to that endeavor. All statistics are current as of today at 8:00 pm EST.

  • Words Behind Schedule: 3,222
  • Percentage Complete: 56.89%
  • Percentage of Time Used: 63.33%
  • Words Left to Write: 21,553
  • Days Left to Write Those Words: Ten

Now how about some non-NaNo statistics? How about some bathroom renovation statistics? Oh yeah, baby. Try to contain your enthusiasm.

  • Days Since Renovation Began: 173
  • Number of Times Wendy and I Have Previously Done This Type of Work: Zero
  • Days We've Had to Shower in the Skanky Downstairs Bathroom: 172
  • Days Spent on Demolition: One.
  • Days Spent (So Far) Putting It Back Together: Oh please. You do the math. But not all of those days were actually spent working on this. We have lives, after all, as pathetic as they may be.
  • Pounds of Debris Hauled to the Curb: Unweighable. An f'ing ton.
  • Number of Windows Replaced: One
  • Rolls of Insulation Used: Two
  • Sheets of CBU Installed: Five
  • Sheets of Drywall Installed: Seven
  • Number of Tiles Set: 700, give or take a half
  • Bags of Thinset Used: 2.5
  • Cartons of Grout Used: 1.5
  • Number of Acetaminophen Tablets Swallowed: Less than 300, but not many less
  • Trips to the Hardware Store: Too many to count
  • Lunches From Popeyes Picked Up On Our Way Home From the Hardware Store: Too many to count less five or six
  • Number of Times We've Used the F-Word During This Project: Many many many f'ing times (Our mothers would be so proud? ha!)
  • Number of Times Knuckles Have Been Scraped and Bleeding: Any number greater than zero is too many. We've surpassed that by a large margin.
  • Number of Mosquitos Fed By Wendy While Washing the Tile Saw: 50, give or take a few and not counting repeat diners
  • Mistakes Made: Get real. Who counts those?
  • Amount of Time Spent Contemplating How to Resolve "Issues": Lots. Lots and lots. It's all part of the process, dontcha know.
  • Number of Times We've Considered Giving Up and Hiring a Professional: Zero. We're tenacious.
  • Number of Times Friends Have Said "You Still Haven't Finished That Project?": Too many to count. (Friends, don't ask questions like that! Have a heart!)
  • Number of Times We've Looked at Our Progress and Said "Wow, This Is Going to Be Gorgeous!": A zillion at least. Positive reinforcement is essential.
  • Days Until We Can Pee Upstairs Again: ONE! *knock on wood*
  • Days Until We Aren't Brushing Our Teeth in the Kitchen Anymore: Approximately eleven.
See? I told you. Numbers are fun!


Lala said...

Please tell where that quote is from. It's one of my favourite songs.

Sandra Scoppettone said...

You're very funny.