November 8, 2004

Yes, I'm Procrastinating. So What?

Here's the obligatory post-show family-in-the-lobby pic. The Boy's required 1885 hairstyle is weird. You can't see it in this picture, but he's sporting some long-ass bushy sideburns too. Much like Hyde (no relation to Edward) on That 70s Show.

(More on our trip and the show later, after I somehow get caught up on my word count. I'm only 3,800 behind schedule. No nagging necessary, I'm on it!)


Melodee said...

Great looking family, even with weird hair. :)

WenWhit said...

I agree, Mel! *wink*

Eyes for Lies said...

Yes, and is that you on the right?

Suzanne said...

Yeah that's me.
On the right.
The Boy is not the only one in need of a hair cut.