November 8, 2004

Don't Look Now...

... but I do believe Hell Hath Frozen Over just became my fantasy football team's new name.

Yes yes, it may be silly to keep changing a team's name. But for me, the only fun I've had so far is changing their name as an indicator of their fortunes as the season progresses. You see, up until now their record, no matter what I called them, stood at a mortifying 0-8.

My team optimistically started out as the Marauders.

Then, in Week 7, their name changed to the Miami Dolphins, when the Dolphins were 0-6 and their record matched that of the former Marauders. But that same week, Miami had the nerve to actually win a game. My team didn't bother. Oh they tried, but their hearts obviously weren't into it. They seemed to feel winning isn't everything. WTF? I fired my coach and hired someone new. Hopefully someone competent.

Along with the new coach came a new name: Could Use An F'ing Break.

And yesterday they got one. A break, that is.
1-8 baby!
Hell Hath Frozen Over.

**happy dance***

PS: We're home! More later.

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Unknown said...

I just came across your blog on blog explosion... the peaches picture makes me feel really hungry for peaches... mmmm. Sorry, I am totally random. :)