April 22, 2006

April Showers

Outside, it's cold and wet.
Last night we had a fire roaring in the fireplace.

Today marks the start of my nine day hiatus.

Wendy's going to try her hand at this blogging thing while I'm gone.

Come on by and show her some love.



Pisces75 said...

We will miss you while you are gone! I am anticipating Wendy's posts:)

Gina said...

Goodbye Suzanne, Hello Wendy!

Anonymous said...

I will miss your wit and repartee. So please do hurry back. Although by the time you do, I have a feeling we may have convinced the lovely and talented Wendy to start her OWN blog, too.


Be warned, Wendy.

It's insidiously addictive.

weese said...

bring it on Wendy.
and please remember - I like pictures :)

Geeky Dragon Girl said...

Wendy! Hi, and welcome! I've read the one post you made on the blog you started way back when. I liked it. I was sad that it was the only post in the entire thing. I look forward to more!

Oh yeah, and no one's going to admit it, but I'm everyone's favorite commenter here. Okay not really, but it sounded nice. :)

KMae said...

I went with a Wendy once. She was 21, I was 31... decades ago. Nice name, Wendy...

WenWhit said...

I've had one for a long time, Jennifer... it's just essentially empty lol

And Weese, I'm sorry - I know you like the pics but Suzanne took the camera with her... and while I could dredge up something already on the computer, I've watched her wrangle with resizing the photos and refitting the text enough that I'm not really inclined to try my hand at it just yet!