April 4, 2006

Living Large

The Boy is residing in an off-campus apartment this year with one of his friends. Theirs is a somewhat typical bachelor pad with their personalities adding a unique flair. It's no showplace nor is it a hovel.

When they moved in last August, his girlfriend's mother gave them a microwave she was not using. Then the relationship ended. The ex-girlfriend appeared on his doorstep saying, "My mother wants her microwave back." Alrighty then.

So for the past few months they have been living life sans microwave oven. (Think about that for just a minute. Imagine life without your microwave. Perhaps it would be no big thing as such an appliance in your house sits relatively unused. It is, after all, merely a convenience. But man oh man, I'd surely miss ours if it were gone. Would you miss yours?)

Wendy and I were down visiting him this past weekend. We had it in mind to get them a new microwave oven on this trip. College students don't always have time to cook for themselves. College students are often in a hurry. College students are often hungry and in a hurry at the same time. College students and microwaves go together like wine and cheese, ham and eggs, frick and frack, dungeons and dragons. You get my drift.

But The Boy said, "Mom, I really don't want a microwave. It's been interesting learning to live without it, like us not having cable or a dishwasher or a washing machine. We're getting by just fine."

I've never pegged The Boy as a minimalist, but maybe I underestimate him in that regard. I think back to when I was first out on my own and didn't have many conveniences. It was part of growing up and establishing an independent life. Those were good times. Now The Boy is having good times of his own. I find it a fascinating parental perspective.



Sky said...

sounds like a very special kid to me! atypical, i would guess. good for him (and for you for raising a kid who is more interested in independence and figuring things out than a "free" convenience)! ;)

Geeky Dragon Girl said...

Living on my own, I used my microwave nearly every single day! (My freezer was full of frozen dinners.) I couldn't be bothered to cook anything for myself. For other people I'll cook. But if it's just me, why bother?

tiff said...

When I first moved to NC I had no teevee, no radio, not much of anything, but I did have a microwave. It didn't get used all that much, quite frankly, except to cook veggies.
Living minimalistically (woo!) is an interesting and somehow rewarding exepreince. I know I read more without the teevee around! Maybe that's what your Boy is doing.....

Melodee said...

We had the same microwave since 1990. It died last week. We went without for one full day and then I bought another one. I am utterly dependent on it!

However, in college? I only had a hotpot to boil water.

Gina said...

You know, I have a toaster/convection oven and I would take it any day over the microwave.

weese said...

I like that kid.
my wife wants to get rid of our microwave - she prefers the old fahioned way of heating food.
also... we don't have a dishwasher. don't really see the need.

Anonymous said...

When I joined up, I had a choice of a toaster oven or microwave. You girls should have an extra appliance... ;-)

Been lurking on your site for quite some time. Love it!


Anonymous said...

Frankly, I am somewhat purturbed that tiff would make a suggestion that I don't read. Does she not understand that the literary gene is dominant and that as the son of a rather voracious reader I tend to also be one myself? Come, come. I had hoped like this particular online community would be relatively free of bias. Yet an unfounded supposition that single young males would rather be doing other things than read for pleasure seems to rest unchallenged.

...for her sake, let's try to let the illusion last as long as possible, shall we? ;)

~The Boy

Suzanne said...

Well in tiff's defense, I didn't mention you greedily swiping the newest Robin Hobb from our bookshelves the last time you were home. A book neither Wendy or I have yet had time to read by one of our favorite authors. A book that you took back to your apartment and that I might not see again until you move out after you graduate even though you probably finished reading said book mere days after you arrived back at school.

No, I didn't mention that.
But I haven't forgotten either. ;)

Love you, sweetie.

Eyes for Lies said...

Yeah, it's kind of funny. The more we age -- the more we NEED, and MUST HAVE all those silly conveniences.

Oh how a broken microwave puts us out. We are ready to run in an instant for a replacement so we don't have to live without for one moment.

Age LOL. Yoots (younger people)!

Anonymous said...

Cooking by causing water molecules in food to vibrate? T'aint natural. But then again, that's what some people say about the lesbian lifestyle, and that hasn't stopped me. Microwave away to your hearts content, but I'll stick to cooking with a flame.
BTW I've been mildly curious as to whether your family, featured lovingly in your postings, read your blog. Thanks to The Boy for putting that idle question to rest.