April 3, 2006

Doggie Case Note

This past weekend, our usual petsitter was indisposed and we had a trip to take. A co-worker from Wendy's office was recruited to stay at our home to tend the pups.

Wendy works in a social services setting. Simplified, she and her staff assist adults with disabilities to find and maintain employment. We found the following displayed on Wendy's computer screen when we got home:

Pixie and Dudley
April 2, 2006
This writer met with Pixie and Dudley last PM and this AM to engage in social participation, and meal preparation (writer) and consumption (perritos). Upon arrival to the home, Pixie independently attacked writer. This writer is not exaggerating and will provide proof of alleged abuse as well as complete an incident report upon arrival to office 4/3/06. Pixie required verbal and tactile cues to respond appropriately to redirection. As session continued, Pixie appeared more calm and able to maintain behavioral control. Writer also noted that Pixie did not appear eager to eat neither in the PM nor in the AM. She did, however, eventually consume all sustenance provided. Pixie was also observed to demonstrate hyperactive behaviors and verbalizations toward members of the community. These behaviors decreased as session continued.

Dudley demonstrated socially appropriate behaviors for the duration of session. He was able to follow commands and required only verbal prompt when redirected. Redirection was required when he was observed to sit on the back cushions of the sofa. He verbalized complaints only when the situation appeared appropriate to do so. Writer feels confident in stating, “I love Dud,” despite the brief opportunity to serve this consumer.

Writer provided two opportunities for interaction with members of the community. The first consisted of writer’s two compadres attending a pre-dining-in-Old-Town cocktail hour in the consumers’ living room. (Writer apologizes if readers are not in agreement with the treatment plan, but writer wished to show off el bano bellisimo located on the upper level of the dwelling) Pixie and Dudley appeared overjoyed at the addition of these individuals to the session and demonstrated attention-seeking behaviors upon their arrival. The second opportunity for social participation occurred this AM when one compadre returned with an energetic chocolate lab named Bailey. The three appeared to enjoy the pleasant weather, as demonstrated by their desire to remain outdoors for approximately 30 minutes.

Although writer feels Pixie and Dudley benefited from this session, it is obvious that they are awaiting the return of their mommas. This was demonstrated by Pixie frequently being observed to play in the lesbian love nest, as well as by both Pixie and Dudley choosing to sleep on the sofa, despite writer’s encouragement to sleep in el cuarto del huesped.
(insert co-worker's name), MSOT
Doggie Day Program Specialist



mc said...

Ah! Excellent stuff.

Anonymous said...

Omg.. that is freaking hilarious! (worst part is, I read and understood the entire thing!)

Val said...

that was great! However, someone seems to take their job (both in AND out of the office) a bit too seriously! ;)
It's no wonder you felt safe leaving your dogs in such 'professional' hands!

tiff said...

Hrmph - I was all proud that my dogsitter fills out their doggie report card for each visit (uh, that's the dogsitter's idea, not mine). But not in Spanish, and no interpretation of data at ALL!

Geeky Dragon Girl said...

That is awesome! She should write a blog, heehee. I quite enjoyed the spanish thrown in for extra flavor.

Gina said...


Anonymous said...

I Speak of Dreams: That made me laugh out loud.

Hope you had a relaxing weekend.

Anonymous said...

Brava! Brava! I haven't seen a progress note as well written and as funny in a very l-o-n-g time.

weese said...

i need to hire this woman the next time we go away.

The Scarlet Pervygirl said...

That was a scream.

Eyes for Lies said...

Too funny!