April 19, 2006

Gun-Toting Ass-Kicking Chick Flick?

This lesbian adores Mariel Hemingway. In a non-platonic kind of way. I've had an affection for her ever since seeing Personal Best way back in the day. She moves me in ways I'm far too polite to mention in mixed company. No, she's not a lesbian but she plays one convincingly and isn't afraid to take on such roles.

Mariel (I get to call her Mariel since she and I have such an intimate history) has a new movie coming out, In Her Line of Fire. She portrays a lesbian Secret Service agent who must protect the vice president when their plane goes down behind enemy lines. The plot seems a bit... well... let's just say I think it may require more than a modicum of suspension of disbelief. Even so, this movie has the tough girl appeal of GI Jane with the added bonus of lesbian characters.

That woman Mariel's about to kiss? She's Jill Bennett, an out lesbian actress. Her bio indicates she had an ongoing role in the final season of 90210, but neither Wendy nor I recall her from our days of watching zip codes. Napping during episodes can have that effect.

The movie is a product of the here! network which "... offers a wide variety of groundbreaking and acclaimed original movies and series plus the world's largest collection of gay and lesbian films appealing to the broad-based, diverse LGBT audience." It's also being shown in a handful of theatres.

Had you heard of it? The movie or the network? I hadn't. That's one reason I'm posting about it today. Perhaps it will interest you too.

"The here! networks - Gay Television On Demand. Available in many markets as a subscription service. Also available on DISH Network Ch 537 and DirecTV Ch 599 (Tues). For more info, go to heretv.com"



KMae said...

Oooh, oooh! You're gona love this. I had Mariel Hemmingway on a flight one night..(no, not literally, I'm an FA) and she is just SO NICE!!! Very sweet. NATURALLY pretty, very little make-up. And easy to talk to, not a snot bucket like some of them! She was just a good humanoid (as we say in the biz.) It was a pleasure to serve her, but unfortunately she did not give out any kind of gay vibe...

Eyes for Lies said...

Mariel Hemingway is stunning -- no matter what your sexual orientation.

I saw her on TV with Rachael Ray the other day.

Damn, she's gorgeous!

Val said...

I've been a Mariel fan since Personal Best, as well. Will definitely look for the movie when it comes around...
Great pics... fatigues fit her well ;)

Suzanne said...

Hey Angel, glad you stopped by.

kmae, I'm totally jealous but glad she presents as a real person. :)

eyes, what was she doing with Rachael Ray? I'm sorry I missed that show. I love them both!

Val, did you check out the site? There are some other shots of her in fatigues... you are right. She wears them well.

That Girl, alas she is happily married and raising a family. Well. Not really alas. More power to her. :)

And of course I have a celebrity list. Perhaps I'll write about it someday. :)


weese said...

ah.. my first lesbian movie. you always remember your first.
we have LOGO too. great channel but ridiculously repititious.

Geeky Dragon Girl said...

This is that "cable tv" thing, isn't it? I remember cable fondly. I might have to look for this on Netflix. I think I saw a preview for it, but they didn't include any kissing scenes, so I had no idea she was supposed to be a lesbian. Well now I have to check it out!

Anonymous said...

My son does an hour talk show daily on the Q network, also a GLBT network. The Reichen Show.
We only have LOGO in our area.