April 23, 2006

Day One

And now, a message from your guest-blogger Wendy:

Yeegads, do you people have any idea how intimidating it is to fill in for Suzanne???? It's like being a guest host for Johnny Carson. Ah, well. Thank you for your kind comments and for stopping by.

So, Day One of the nine day hiatus has passed. It kinda sucked. Well, I guess that's relative. Normally I would be most pleased to say I spent an entire rainy Saturday indoors playing on the computer, watching baseball, napping, reading, and giving extra special love and attention to the dogs. There were weeks on end when Suzanne and I craved that kind of downtime. But my enjoyment of such a lazy non-productive day was of course compromised by the absence of Suzanne. And even more compromised by the knowledge this was just Day One. But I'm here for the doggies and she's there for her mom, and that's just the way it needed to be this weekend.

I promise I won't spend the week whining about it.



DB said...

Welcome Wendy! Excellent first post. No need to be intimidated or worried, we don't bite. Most of us anyway.


KMae said...

Hi Wendy! Relax & enjoy some quiet 'downtime!' Read a bunch of Blogs! Sleep. Hug the fur babies! Suzanne will be back before you know it. I'm sure she misses you the most, it's usually hard to deal with parents, even when you love them more than anything.

whispers said...

Hey Wendy, Welcome!
Don't let yourself be intimidated, just think of it as an opportunity to share your side of the stories :)
It sux when the balance of your world is out of whack, but telephones will help!
You and the dogs will have a great homecoming to look forward to at the end of the stretch. And until then just find little things to enjoy!
Hang in there.

weese said...

hi Wendy.
I suppose since you are suffering without your cute wife for 9 days I can suck it up and get by without pictures.
just be sure to let her know how I am taking one for the team.

SassyFemme said...

Hi Wendy, nice to "meet" you! :)

cbar said...

Hi Wendy!! It's nice to have you here, since we hear so much about you from Suzanne! Please tell her we're all thinking of her! I'm sure you'll do an excellent job guest hosting.

Robin said...

Great to finally meet you, Wendy. Don't be scared. We're lovin' it!

--Robin (The Other Mother)

Geeky Dragon Girl said...

Honeysuckle said we don't bite. Well, I do. You know the phrase, "That bites!" Yeah they're talking about me. I bite, and I suck too. Wait, this is sounding a little sexual now...

Um, feel free to be a guest commenter on my blog too!

Eyes for Lies said...

Just wanted to say hi, Wendy. I'm looking forward to getting to know you :)

Val said...

Hey Wendy!
Who knows... this blogging thing could be the start of perhaps your very own blog...no?!

Let's hear how suburbia is from your perspective... just a suggestion.

Geeky Dragon Girl said...

Heeeeyyy... aren't we, like, on Day Four now? You know I can't read invisible posts. Be nice to a girl and share more. (Or feel free to slap me upside the head and say PISS OFF!) ;)