September 29, 2005

Camera Phones

Wendy and I have a friend, a young woman, who stores risque photos on her cell phone. Then she leaves the phone laying around for anyone to pick up and peruse said photos. Well. She leaves it laying around for nosy people who have no qualms about being nosy to pick it up and peruse them. Yeah. I'm one of those nosy ones.

What exactly do I mean by "risque" photos? Well for example, a full-frontal nude of her rather well-endowed male significant other is featured along with close-ups of, shall we say, intimate parts of her own anatomy. Yeah. Personal porn? Yikes.

I recently got a new cell phone. It has camara capability. Can't say as I'd ever consider storing personal porn on it. That's just not my style. So when a co-worker asked me if he could look at the photos on my phone I said, "Sure, go ahead." I knew there were no untoward photos on the camera because, after all, I'd snapped each photo personally.

Hadn't I?

Turns out no. Turns out someone took a few pictures with my camera phone while we were hanging out with our fantasy friends watching football. Turn out someone, who shall remain nameless *cough* Wendy *cough*, took a photograph of yours truly at that gathering. While not personal porn, it was a view of me I would never wish a co-worker to see. One of our fantasy friends? No problem. But a co-worker? Uh uh, no way. The photo was revealing in a distinctly unflattering manner, oh yes, yes it was.

Ripening karma.
Something to be counted on along with death and taxes.



Elizabeth said...

Well, it wasn't ripening karma for looking at the photos of your young friend and her Long Dong Silver rico suave dude. Your young friend and her boy toy are exhibitionists. They not only WANT you to look at their photos, I'm sure they get all kinds of sexual kicks knowing full well you, Ms. Suburban LESBIAN and your LESBIAN lover, have been looking at them in all their nekkid glory.

Which, of course, lends to my theory that straights are just as (if not more so) sexually demented and perverted as gays. Considering marriage is supposedly for 'normal' people who have 'normal' sexual tendencies, if perverted straight people had some sort of visual signifier to announce their sexual proclivities to the world no one would be allowed to get married...but I digress.

Let's see the photo!

weese said...

yeah... when you gonna post that photo.
you can show it to us..your blogger friends, c'mon.

Whinger said...

It must be admitted that I am laughing at your embarrassing moment!

Mel said...

Of course, we must see the photo before we can agree with you.

Elizabeth said...
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Elizabeth said...

Uh...I keep coming back to see the photo and no photo. Hello?...Ms. Tell Me About Your Underwear...



WordsRock said...

No no no. Your imagination will have to suffice. No picture. I wanted to hear about your brassieres, not show you my own!