September 25, 2005

Slightly Beyond the Nose on My Face

I didn't even notice it until Tina pointed it out to me a few weeks back. But in defense of my powers of observation, she does drive by the corner more often than I do, despite our own home being at the intersection.

A new street sign installed across from our house had the name of our street misspelled. Specifically, an "E" was placed where a "Y" belongs. Granted it's an odd word, not used daily or monthly or even annually by most people. But to have the county misspell it on our street sign? Well, that's just wrong. And what was the matter with the old green one anyway?

This morning I was sitting at the computer idly gazing out of our office window. The view is primarily trees filled with leaves. In another month or so I'll be able to see the house across the street. Through a small gap in the trees, a bit of blue on the street sign peeked through.

And that's when I saw it. I had to sit forward, squint and tilt my head a bit to confirm: a "Y" is now in the correct place, no sign of the wayward "E" to be found.

My head briefly spun with questions: who what when how, but not where or why. But then my mind settled on the most important question: Has Tina noticed yet?

How pathetic is my life to feel a tiny bit vindicated if I've noticed before she has? Matters not. I'll take it where I can get it.



That Girl said...

Always take it where you can get it! Misspelled signs annoy me to no end. Ironic, since I am a terrible speller.
The absolute worst, send-my-blood-pressure-up sign was an interstate sign in New Jersey that read 1 1/2 mile ahead. Ahhhhhhh.

SassyFemme said...

A misspelled street sign? That is BAD!

Elizabeth said...

Someone told them a bookkeeppeerr who REALLY doesn't like mmiissppeelliinnggss lives there and they wanted to change it before Lesbian Rambo: Typo Extraction began playing in movie theaters.

Shirley said...

Sign makers are the worst for spelling. The fewer words they have to spell, the more likely it is they will get it wrong.

Now you will have to become an avid sign reader to see I am right, and you will curse me because you cannot stop examining signs. Welcome to my world. lol.

Elizabeth said...

I'm going step up to the plate for sign makers everywhere...the person making the sign should not be blamed for the typo or misspelling.

Why? Because even if you know how to spell something it's very easy to misspell it because your mind plays this trick with you. It tells you the word is spelled correctly when it's not. You can look right at the word and still think it's spelled correctly.

This from a art director/graphic artist/sign maker for the past 26 years who never takes the blame for typos. This is why you have, or are supposed to have, proof readers.

I never let anything go to print, even if it only has one word on it, without someone else looking at it.