September 27, 2005

Taking Inventory

How many brassieres do you own?

Of those, how many actually get worn on a regular basis?



trisha said...

Five. Two sports bras, one white bra, one off-white bra, one black bra. I wear them all equally.

I miss the days of the bra-lette. Those were sweet. So whispery soft and comfortable. Stupid milk production.

Alena said...

Five or six.. I'm too lazy to go check. One is a sports bra I never wear and two or three others are slightly worn-out backups (they see action on laundry days). I generally alternate between my two newest bras.

Pisces75 said...

I just updated my inventory. So I have more now than ever!
9! 2 white, 2 nude. 1 black, 1 nude strapless, 1 black strapless, 2 sport bras!

SassyFemme said...

7 or 8, wear them all except the black one, only wear that when I wear black. They're all getting ratty though; need to get some new ones, and I DETEST bra shopping!

Career Guy said...

None. I have to borrow Kathy's...(wait a beat)...I'm kidding, I'm kidding!

sweatinggoddess said...

7 - 5 new and 2 not new that I wear when I get home from work. New are white gravity-defying, white lacy, blue lace that lets the girls escape out the bottom, purple cotton that is comfy but doean't produce cleave, and black that is tight and cleave-enhancing. TMI, I'm sure, but I've always been a minimizer girl who is letting the inner Anna Nicole out for a run now that I'm over 40.

Gina said...

Oh goodness, let's see. Four get worn almost all the time, beige, light pink, light green, and white. They are the same style, just different colors. I have about three sports bras that lately have not been used at all. And then I have three "special" bras for Hubba-hubba as he is, ahem, an upper body kind of guy, if you know what I mean.

Mel said...

Too many to count. None of them fit properly which is a vexation to me. Why doe AA girls get so many more choices when we upper alphabet girls who need more choices are left flapping in the wind?

I alternate between four of them and am satisfied with none of them.

yclepta said...

I still have about four stuck in the back of my knicker drawer even though the last time I wore one was over two years ago for a murder mystery party where I played a posh lady do-gooder.
I haven't worn one apart from that for about 10 years.
So why keep them?
Don't know, partly cos they cost so bloody much!!! - maybe I'll go and chuck them out....

That Girl said...

I have a million bras, all push ups, courtesy of my Double D sis and mom who are not subtle in letting me know they think I was shortchanged. And Mel, the reason AA girls get more choices is because we shop more while the bigger-breasted girl are busy actually getting some :)

Elizabeth said...

Aren't you clever?

Eyes said...

Ha. This has been my nightmare lately. Well since early summer.

All of the sudden, the bras I were wearing were too tight. I hadn't gained weight, but things must have shift (oh nice)! So, I went to my usual bra store for unique sizes (34DDD).

It was gone. Out of business.

I was crushed. I shopped all over gods-creation -- and I couldn't find a bra in my size so I cried.

Then I started shopping online. It's been interesting. Tricky. And difficult.

I found a great company though: Fantasie of England -- for those of us who are not standard sizes.

Right now I probably own 10 bras -- 6 of which don't fit, and 8 of which do not work under t-shirts. So I am still looking for a few more.

In a week, I wear about two or three -- over and over again :) I wear the same 2 or 3 always.

More than you wanted to know -- sorry.

weese said...

I am guessing here...since i am at work. but lets go with.
1 white
3 off white
2 beige (nude)
3 black
2 sports (both black)
I wear the top 4. and the sports bras in the yard on the weekends.
who designes these things anyway.
or do i just have the weirdest shape ever.

Northern_Girl said...

I'm a little different when it comes to bras & underwear (my grandmother would have called them 'foundation garmets' - lord!). I buy bras by the gross at Wal-Mart and I never pay more than $5 for one. Purple, pink, black, white, grey, blue - no wires, skinny straps, and no more than 2 hooks in the back, please. I buy underpants to match - but I don't wear them as a 'set'. Sport bras are a different story - and I have about 3 that are sturdy enough for "sports." Asked and answered, I hope.

The Scarlet Pervygirl said...

Two words for big-boobed people: Lane Bryant. They carry cup sizes up to F and band sizes down to 36. To say they're comfortable is like saying fire is warmish. I wore mine out of the store, and bought six that very afternoon. It's been about three months, and they still look brand new. You can't even tell I've washed the cotton ones.

Two black, two white, grape purple, and fuchsia.

So, yeah: six. And one bustier/corsety thingie. I don't count sports bras. They're part of the Loathed Exercise Uniform, and are used only for exercise.

Corrine said...

Mel, I would give you money for your comment if I knew how to get it to you. I wish I had a fun answering for my random delurking, but truth is--I have no idea. I have a lot. Some fun, some practical, but only 2 that are comfortable. And since I'm pregnant and my breasts are the size of x-large grapefruits, these 2 brassieres flap open in the front. So you could say they're breezy brassieres.

Elizabeth said...

Hubba Hubba is a boob man!

Anne Bonney, Pirate said...

I have none and wear every single none of 'em!!

I haven't bought, or worn, a bra in over 20 years. I'm over 45 and really don't care if I sag. I prefer to think that I'm keeping myself from breast cancer (based on 20 year old research--easy correlation, eh?)

I thought I'd be a common sort with this foundations count, but, I see I'm not. How come? Only one of you even likes the blasted things!