September 23, 2005

How Christian

"Your family does not meet the policies of admission."



Bent Fabric said...

What a bloody shame!

Lady K said...

That's so sad.
Makes me wonder many other families are engaged in so-called "immoral" behavior such as drinking, adultery, gambling...etc Is the school prepared to kick them out as well?

The Scarlet Pervygirl said...

Of course not. Ignoring for the moment the fact that there's nothing wrong with marrying someone of the same gender as yourself, is the school prepared to pass judgment on whether it's okay to ask your child, "Why can't you be more like your brother?", or to inform them that your love is contingent upon good grades? Those are horrible, horrible things to do, but they're not regulable, because they're privately done.

Gender is just a little more publicly obvious. That's all.

The chosen said...

The Lord has spoken and The Lord says that homosexuality is a sin. You are all sinners and while I don't know what the policy is concerning other expelations, the school was correct in expeling the student. It was in the rules of the school and those rules were broken.

Christians must follow The Word of God and if you are in our world then you must abide by our rules. When we are in your world, we must abide by your rules. Christian students cannot wear the symbol of The Cross on their t-shirts, they are not allowed to speak The Word of God on your public school campuses. I think that's a shame.

I imagine these women can have their child returned to the school if they denounce their sinful homosexuality and live apart or get married to men, as God would wish.

There is still time to change.

Jennifer said...

This world is in such a sorry place right now, it overwhelms me. It feels almost apocolyptic. And damned sorrowful.

Eyes said...



Who the hell are these sinless bastards (yeah right) to be judging others?

Absolutely a sick sign of our times. Since the Bush administration this country has gone back a CENTURY!!

Just know that I would stand beside you and fight until I was raw with blood. I believe in equal rights for EVERYONE!


The chosen said...

Why are these parents putting their children in a Christian school knowing full well that God does not condone homosexuality?

If you put your children in a Christian school then maybe you should expect the laws of the Bible to be used.

You can justify your lifestyle all you want but the bottom line is, as far as Christianity is concerned, homosexuality is wrong.

I suggest to these parents to find a secular private school. Why should Christians bend to homosexuals at a Christian school?

No one's rights are being trampled upon. If there are no secular private schools then that's your problem, not ours.

Mary said...

"There's still time to change."

Yeah, good luck with that. Where do these people come from?

Princess Wild Cow said...

I wonder why I just don't stick my head in the sand and pretend I am the only person in the world. This is getting to be too much. It just hurts.

That Girl said...

It is morons like Chosen and the principal in Ontario that make Christians look more like Al-Quida than a follower of Christ. He hung around with prostitutes, he washed the feet of beggars and he healed the sick. It doesnt say anything anywhere about Jesus stoning or shunning anyone for their behavior EXCEPT the moneylenders and self-righteous in the TEMPLE.
If you truly believe that homosexuality is a sin, as a follower of Jesus you should not be upset because God will forgive all sins if they are repented AT ANY TIME. And even if it is a sin, it's not a sin against YOU.
Certainly, you are absolutly free to wear a cross on your t-shirt or speak the word of god on school campuses.
Dont add lying to your sins of intolerance, bigotry and hatred.
You are not allowed to use school property to preach the word of God to those who dont want to listen, or to form clubs which exclude other people based on their religion, gender, etc.
Ironically, you would still have your school prayer and a lot more freedom to preach to the "unsaved" if you hadnt spent so much time shoving your religion down everyone's throat and being decidedly Unchristian to those who didnt believe as you do.
While you are correct that any private school has the right to make any arbitrary rule and enforce said rule, you will never convince non-Christians that the Word of God is anything other than crap if you continue to treat non-Christians like scum.
If I were in this school, I would've pulled my child out faster than you can say "I have morals that I live by."

WenWhit said...

That Girl,

While I completely concur with you regarding the hypocrisy and judgmental attitude of certain "Christians" like The Chosen, you DO realize that many lesbians identify as Christian, don't you?

"...if you are in our world then you must abide by our rules." I can't imagine a much less Christian attitude. Nor a more ignorant one.

The chosen said...

This family was not treated like scum. There are rules and they tried to circumvent the rules.

The problem with homosexuals is that you don't want to abide by any rules. This is why people think you want special rights. I personally don't care if you want to be a homosexual but the Bible says that homosexuality is a sin. I can forgive you your sin but I don't have to let you near my children. Would I let a murderer near my children? Would you? Would I let a drug dealer near my children? Would I let a thief near my children? No, I would not. Homosexuality is a sin. You are a sinner and I don't want you near my children.

I was not lying when I claimed that Christians cannot ware the Cross on a tshirt.

Yes God will forgive sins if they are repented so why not do us all a favor and repent for your sin of homosexuality right now. Why wait? If you will not repent then go find a secular school for your child.

Whinger said...

There's still so many civil rights battle to much hatred in the world. It makes me weary at times.
Let he is without sin cast the first stone.

The chosen said...

I am without sin, ergo, I get to stone people at will. I like using really big, heavy stones too.

I'm not a moron either. So typical of the heathen leftist human secularists to resort to name calling. If I were truly a moron I'd be like you and start calling you names like caca la vaca or poop for brains, or fish taco breath. But I didn't do that now did I?

When Jesus returns to scoop me up to Heaven I'll be laughing at all you homosexual sinners. Just so you can figure out how you'll burn in the depths of Hell you might want to go here:

Enjoy your meeting with Minos. I hear he's a really groovy guy.

trisha said...

You can't fight the Christians. They are a crazy, brain-washed bunch of freaks.

The chosen said...

Now, now Trisha that wasn't very nice. that your shoe, because that's a really big shoe. Did you know that God does not discriminate against people with big feet but if you are a homosexual with big feet, well, you might have some trouble with the El Poobah de Grande.

And Wenwhit...if you are in my world then you must abide by my rules. You don like that? Well too bad Babalouie. That's just the way it is.

Let's say I own a bar and serve only the best beer (high quality stuff) and you come in and demand, oh, I dunno, Coors Light or even worse Bud Ice (you're going to hell just for having a bottle of that crap touch your lips), am I supposed to all of a sudden order Bud Ice because you demand it? I don thin so, Senorita.

I hear they play Disco Inferno all day long in Hell. You might want to put in on heavy rotation in your Ipod. I hear Satan doesn't like it when the damned don't know the lyrics to Disco Inferno.

trisha said...

I am a bisexual with avaerage feet.

You like to stir, there, chosen. I would totally like you if you weren't spewing weird Christian nonsense. Though, I haven't spent enough time reading you to decide if you are being facetious or not.

WordsRock said...

I vote for facetious on the chosen.

Doesn't change the initial point of sharing this article: Christianity has many faces. Which one is the real one?


trisha said...

The biggest?

Anonymous said...

According to his/her blogger profile, one of the chosen's favorite books is Price of Salt.

Um, you do know that's a lesbian novel, don't you, chosen?

That Girl said...

Wen, I do know that. One of my development clients is a temple for Jewish people who are homosexual. The problem (as I see it) is that most other people, whether Jewish or Chirstian dont include anyone in their narrow definition of believers and that many people who worship either have to be circumspect in sharing personal details or start their own temple/church. Religion should be inclusive.

The chosen said...

Facetious? Not I. I am being totally serious. I suppose the question is, should everybody be included in everything?

Should Bubba Gump who doesn't like homosexuals be allowed to join in on a gay boy pot luck dinner complete with festive decorations and pink flamingos? Yes? As long as he doesn't say anything against homosexuality?

Ok, then should two women who are lesbians be able to send their child to a Christian school that has a 'morals' rule about parents? Yes? As long as they repent? What's the difference between the two?

You think Christians should include everyone because you think Jesus included everyone, yet if you read the Bible you'll find that Jesus was not the warm, fuzzy dude everyone thinks he was. He had his edge and he basically predicts that just about everyone is going to hell. Except me, of course.

The Price of Salt is a novel about lesbians!! Horrors!

Never read it. Never! Don't know how it even got on the list. Some evil lesbo must have hacked my account. I hear you people are everywhere.

Eyes said...

What I find so discusting about this whole thing is this:

A child is being made to pay for the beliefs of her parents.

This IS NOT ABOUT THE PARENTS. This is about the child.

Where are the child's rights?

The child should have the right to attend a christian school and should not be JUDGED on her parents beliefs.

They are irrelevant!!

This is absolutely insane, and I feel for the brainwashed Christians.

The Scarlet Pervygirl said...

Wait . . . I think I missed the part about the shoe . . .

trisha said...

Why do the lesbians want to send the child to a place run by people who don't like lesbians?

The chosen said...

Christian schools are fairly well known for the quality of education one can receive at one. I bet you find many children who go to private Christian schools are at least a year ahead of those going to public schools.

Secular parents want the education for their children but not the religious dogma. Well, you can't have it both ways, can you? Or should you?

Most Christians don't want their children exposed to homosexuality. Insomuch as a child is a direct extension of his/her parents, I'd say the beliefs of the parents are important. What if the parents worshipped Satan? What if the parents belonged to the KKK? Would that matter? Would it matter if the child espoused white supremist theory to his schoolmates? Yes that would matter wouldn't it? It would matter to YOU. why is it not OK for Christian parents to feel the same way about homosexuals? After all, spin it any way you want, the Bible denounces homosexuality in the Old AND New Testaments.

trisha said...

I hear the Catholics have the best schools.

I am just going to put my son in a bubble, anyway.

Katie (WannaBeMom) said...

I *knew* when I saw "27 comments" I didn't want to look, but I did.

Wow, you really got the fire going on this one, and all with one little link!

We talked about critical thinking in my class today, and pretty much everyone of my 18 year old students concurred that dogmatic black & white beliefs or a failure to see nuances in any situation indicate a pretty low level of critical thinking on an issues.

I think that's all I need to say.

The chosen said...

So you and your students are moral relativists?

Sometimes the shades of gray can be so maddingly muddy that you get stuck.

There is a time for nuance and there is a time for black and white.

Turn, turn, turn.

WordsRock said...

Aren't we fortunate the chosen is sharing his thoughts.

Two sides to every coin. Except when it's not a coin at all. It's a pink lucite twenty-sided die and no matter which number it lands on, thirty frothing orcs will fill the room intent on separating you from your gold.

We can all co-exist. If we'd all just respect each other.


The chosen said...

Thank you Rodney King. Yes, you are truly fortunate for me to grace your heathen, homosexual, bound for hell blog with my heavenly presence.

It's easy to respect one another when no one has to make laws governing one another.

You might enjoy listening to your radio louder than I enjoy hearing your radio. There ought to be a law...

Let the games begin!

The die might exist but decisions still have to be made.

Katie (WannaBeMom) said...

I'm so sorry, Suzanne.

The chosen said...

You should apologize. What the hell were you thinking?

I'll take your mind off your transgression with this lovely song I learnt when from me Da when I was a wee laddie:


A capital ship for an ocean trip
Was the Walloping Window Blind.
No gale that blew dismayed her crew
Or troubled the captain's mind.
The man at the wheel was taught to feel
Contempt for the wildest blow.
And it often appeared when the weather had cleared
That he'd been in his bunk below.

Then blow, ye winds, heigh ho. A-roving I will go.
I'll stay no more on the English shore, so let the music play-ay-ay.
I'm off on the morning train. I'll cross the raging main.
I'm off to me love with a boxing glove, ten thousand miles away.

The boatswain's mate was very sedate,
Yet fond of amusement too;
And he played hopscotch with the starboard watch
While the captain tickled the crew.
And the gunner we had was apparently mad
For he stood on the cannon's tail,
And fired salutes in the captain's boots
In the teeth of a booming gale.

The captain sat in a commodore's hat
And dined in a royal way
On toasted pigs and pickles and figs
And gummery bread each day.
But the rest of us ate from an odious plate
For the food that was given the crew
Was a number of tons of hot cross buns
Chopped up with sugar and glue.

We all felt ill as mariners will
On a diet that's cheap and rude,
And the poop deck shook when we dipped the cook
In a tub of his gluesome food.
Then nautical pride we laid aside,
And we cast the vessel ashore
On the Gulliby Isles, where the Poohpooh smiles And the Anagzanders roar.

Composed of sand was that favored land
And trimmed in cinnamon straws;
And pink and blue was the pleasing hue
Of the Tickletoeteasers claws.
We climbed to the edge of a sandy ledge
And soared with the whistling bee,
And we only stopped at four o'clock
For a pot of cinnamon tea.

From dawn to dark, on rubagub bark
We fed, till we all had grown
Uncommonly thin. Then a boat blew in
On a wind from the torriby zone.
She was stubby and square, but we didn't much care,
And we cheerily put to sea.
We plotted a course for the Land of Blue Horse,
Due west 'cross the Peppermint Sea.

Then blow, ye winds, heigh ho. A-roving I will go.
I'll stay no more on the English shore, so let the music play-ay-ay.
I'm off on the morning train. I'll cross the raging main.
I'm off to me love with a boxing glove, ten thousand miles away.