September 6, 2005


House picked up? Check.
Clean linens on the bed? Check.
Dogs freshly bathed and sweet smelling? Check.
Dinner planned? Check.
Bathroom clean? Check.
Plenty of cheap cold beer in the fridge? Check.
Fudgesicles? Check.
Legs shaved? Check.
House swept? Check sorta check.
Cut flowers by her side of the bed? Check.
Flight on time? Check.

My girl is coming home tonight!
Be still my beating heart.



TRES CEE said...

i let my cheek lay on inside your thigh barbie amen,

weese said...

yay...wendy is home!
(and i just love a woman who cleans the whole place, makes dinenr and puts out flowers for such an occasion )

The Scarlet Pervygirl said...

"Legs shaved." *cracks up* I write that on my to-do list all the time. I love that it's included in your list of housekeeping chores. I'm glad she's back.