September 4, 2005

My Dearest Wendy,

We just hung up from our evening good night. It helps me feel closer to you to hear about the day's events, down to the minutia I crave. I wish I was there to share my shoulder as well as my feelings about your uncle, who, while having met him but once, I know much about from the stories you have shared. I'd like to hear more of such stories, from those who knew and loved him as you did. I'd like to be there to bid him farewell.

I'd also like to be there in person to commiserate as you vent your frustration with small town Texas politics. Patience, my love. Soon, you'll be back here in Virginia where politics are just as frustrating, but we are at least moderately free to be you and me.

Sleep well, my dear.
Dudley sends puppy kisses.

I love you.

PS: I did buy something while shopping with Lisa today. But it's a surprise. Don't worry, you're gonna love it!


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WenWhit said...

I love you with all my heart... and you are here with me, where it matters.