July 11, 2004

Mouse Callousness

Stop what you are doing!
Remove your hand from the mouse.
Hold it upright and turn your hand so you can see your palm.

Below your pinkie finger where your hand ends and your wrist is about to begin is the triquetrum bone. Yeah, that's the one.

Mine's bright red. With the beginnings of a callous. Or maybe it already is a callous but I'm in denial. My non-mouse hand doesn't have one. It's triquetrum bone is a smooth integral part of the rest of my hand.

As much as I love caressing my mouse with it's wonderfully versatile wheel and smooth slick mousing motion, I really don't like this bright red callousy-feeling spot developing on my triquetrum bone.

I'm rather ashamed to admit I actually felt better when I noticed Wendy has the same spot on her triquetrum bone. Is it just us? Maybe only lesbians in Virginia sport such a vibrant red spot on their mouse-abused triquetrums. Could it be so?

And triquetrum is fun to say.
Try it! You must!


Anonymous said...

Hi! (does the ! convey my enthusiasm?)

This is Jackie. I'm posting with my codename 'anonymous' because I don't feel like establishing a username.
My post doen't have anything to do with mouse callousness(es?) but I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know that I really really enjoy your blog. So much in fact, that I delayed working on my physics homework so that I could catch up and read every entry to date (more then a little crazy and obsessed, I know).
Anyhoo, thanks for the laughs and such. Talk to you later,

Ps. you know you could use these posts to write a book right? I'd buy it.

Suzanne said...

Jacqueline! It's good to have you pop in, but next time finish your homework first. Procrastination is bad! Bad I say!

And while you were here I wish you had answered the question of just who it was you were calling during the Indigo Girls concert. It's not nice to leave an old lady hanging.

Pisces75 said...

I even have an ergonomic mouse pad. The kind with the gell filled bubble to rest your wrist. Even with that I too have the red callous looking mark. Eee-gads!