August 9, 2005

Flying High!

Ah yes, the time is upon us for our much anticipated vacation to Montana. I'm so excited I may wet my pants. You'll have to look elsewhere for your entertainment for the next week or so.

You could head over to Emerald Pillows and see if the August edition is out. Read my piece, then come back here and tell me I'm full of shit. Or that I have a point. Better yet, just share your own personal opinion on the topic. I'm all ears.

I've also posted a tale of mortification that appears under this post. Laugh with me, call me a pig, whatever.

Catch ya on the flip side, people.
Try not to miss me too much.



Gina said...

You will definitely be missed, hope you all have a great time!

Bent Fabric said...


Katie said...

Have fun seeing the boy!

weese said...

can't wait to hear about it. (try to stay dry)
and pics please!

Eyes for Lies said...

Hope you have a great trip! You wrote a great article on the other website. Very good indeed. I completely concur, as sad as it is that it has to be that way right now.

You are a wise woman!

Robin said...

Have a wonderful vacation!