August 3, 2005

Ours is Pink, But Sometimes Blue

I was half-watching late night TV when a commercial came on about how unsanitary kitchen sponges can be. I'm clueless to what the commercial was advertising. It was the visual that caught my attention.

A lady was "cleaning" her countertops and appliances by wiping them down with a raw chicken quarter. She joyously rubbed that chunk of bird on everything and everywhere, a glowing smile on her face as she left sticky nasty raw chicken goo trails behind.

I immediately got up, threw out our kitchen sponge and replaced it with a fresh one.


I immediately thought about getting up, throwing out our kitchen sponge and replacing it with a fresh one.

Have you sniffed your kitchen sponge lately?



Eyes for Lies said...

I often microwave mine on high for a minute. It puffs and spues soap bubbles -- from soap I didn't even know was in the sponge. I love that!

Or, they say you can put it in the dishwasher. No need to pitch :)

The Scarlet Pervygirl said...

I have seven cheap dishrags. I wash the dishes and wipe the counters with one, then throw it into the dirty laundry. I can't stand to touch unfresh sponges (read: sponges I don't remove from cellphane myself). And even with the dishrags, I always wear kitchen gloves. Which I replace every few months because the lining in them starts to pill up and feels gross against my fingers.

A bit extreme, now that I think about it.

Mr. Bartender said...
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Mr. Bartender said...

sponges have creeped me out for awhile now.... thank god i stumbled across these...

my local CVS doesn't carry them any more though

makes me sad :(

Gina said...

I like to kid myself that because I mainly use vinegar that it goes ahead and kills everything, but I'm probably wrong.

Jennifer said...

I don't use a kitchen sponge. They get nasty too fast. I use dishrags, and throw them in the washer every couple of days. Hey, works for me.

paula said...


I got nuthin here...