August 5, 2005

Too Darn Hot Again

Oh yeah baby, it's hot around here. Eh, summer has that effect. Weatherbug flashes a big bright 100° down on the task bar. Hell, the attic fan was still running at 8:00 yesterday evening, long after the sun went down. The sun is evidently not the real issue.

The evening found our little family snuggled on the couch, Wendy is wrapped up in her Texans' blanket. The Boy observes from his picture frame. It's like a refrigerator in the house. I like it that way and Wendy adapts.

How lucky are we?



SassyFemme said...

Sometimes its nice to look around and just say, "Life is good."

Suzanne said...

The drapes are not red velvet! They aren't even drapes! They are rust colored and silky! They are curtains! Geez.

Not even Cahill's has lamps as special as the ones in our living room. I think you're jealous, eb.

Cosine stayed as long as she wished. After she moved, then I stole her spot. These days in particular, what Cosine wants, Cosine gets.

And Sassy, yes, life is good and it's awesome to live it!


Gina said...

Curtains, drapes, what's the difference? ;)

The Scarlet Pervygirl said...

Oohh, I want to snuggle with all of them. I love the look on everyone's face of comfortable bliss, mixed with suspicion that you, the camera-carrying interloper, might try to make someone get up.