August 23, 2005

Good Eats

If there is one thing my family all has in common it is the love of good food. Something we discovered on our trip to Bigfork is that there are quite a few good restaurants in that area. Who knew such a place would have such great dining out options?

Dinner out with my folks usually includes wine. Wendy and my father have developed quite the rapport over bottles of wine. It usually results with Wendy being hungover the next day. Not on this trip, though. We ate more than we drank although we drank while we ate.

This photo was snapped in nearby Whitefish. I decided nearby in Montana constitutes anywhere one can travel in an hour or less. We dined at an interesting restaurant named Mambo Italiano. Fresh spinach layered in my lasagne? Score! I'm all about the fresh spinach, dontcha know.

It was The Boy's birthday. What the picture does not show are the other tables occupied by a bunch of his fellow actors and technicians. We were fortunate enough to meet many of them while we were there. Quite the boisterous crowd. One would be hard pressed to find a more melodious rendition of the "Happy Birthday" song.

Yes, my face is red. We'd had an outdoor adventure that day.

Oh and look! I'm wearing paisley!



Eyes for Lies said...

You look a lot like your dad -- and in some strange twist :) -- Wendy looks like she could be your mom's daughter :) Go figure -- or is it just in the photograph and not in real life?

Melodee said...

And you have shorter hair than ever? Looks like a fun dinner!

weese said...

ooo paisley

pinkme said...

Next time you are in Whitefish, try a place called Loula's on 2nd Street(my aunts restaurant). I love Montana!!!

Bent Fabric said...

I concur with Eyes for Lies. There is a close resemblance. Slap a pair of glasses on you, a lot of facial hair and viola!

Gina said...

What a lovely picture!

My friend, I take it back, you make paisley look good.

Actually, in two of my "highbrow" catalogs that I get, they have paisley clothing for the fall. Look at that, you are a trendsetter!