August 17, 2005

Getting Back in the Groove?

We have safely returned from the Land of the Homogeneous Population! If I use all my fingers and just a few toes, I can count the number of non-Caucasians and people of the homosexual persuasion we saw in Montana. It was rather surreal. Regardless, the trip was grand. More on that later. I'm still processing.

Today was the first day back at work. I wore the only pair of capri pants I own. I don't wear them often. Somehow I feel completely silly wearing pants that only come down to mid-calf.

So I wore my capri pants, a tank and a blouse. I once wore the same blouse one day when I was working with my friend Bonnie. She said, "Who told you paisley was in again?" Nice huh? I like my paisley blouse and wear it with pride.

It's August and it is hot. Like August should be. I also wore my fake Birkenstock sandals because they are comfortable and matched my outfit. What more could I ask from a shoe? A certain friend of mine doesn't like fake Birkenstocks or even real ones, for that matter. She mercilessly stereotypes them as dykey, although I will give her some credit because she is at least attempting voluntary deprogramming. The next time she implies they are ugly, however, she may find herself eating one of mine. There is beauty in comfort!

So where was I? Oh yeah. My capri pants. They are black. It wasn't until I got out of the car in the Metro parking lot that I noticed they were covered in dog hair. I made a feeble attempt to brush it off, but quickly realized the futility. Oh well.

Home sweet home!



Gina said...

Glad to have you back, Suzanne.

I love wearing capris.

Yes my dear, paisley is sooooo out.

So are Birks/fake Birks, but I agree with you on the comfort issue. I am nothing if not all about comfortable shoes.

Melodee said...

I'm all about comfortable shoes. And I'm glad you're back!

SassyFemme said...

I love comfortable shoes, but for me they're not Birks. Those things just hurt me!

I LOVE capris. If I could, all my pants would be capris! I like that they're "lighter" in feeling, and just seem fun to me. I don't wear shorts out anymore, unless it's to the beach or some type of theme park. Capris reveal less, and make me less self-conscous.

whispers said...

Welcome back.

I got my first pair of capri's this year and still haven't had the appropriate place to wear them. I haven't really gotten over the comparison to the pedal pushers of my childhood.

Paisley, nope....never was my thing...ever. But if you like it and you are comfortable with it, I say "you go, girl"

as for the birk/fake birk's, I love them. I once had a pair of real Birks and once I got them worn in, they lasted for years....most comfortable footware on the planet. The knockoffs are close in comfort, much cheaper and if I could live in them year round, I would! life is too short for uncomfortable shoes...
what I really miss are my "earth shoes", now that was comfort.

Now that I am gainfully unemployed, I have loved the summer of nothing but shorts, a tank and an overshirt.

Looking forward to the tales of your trip and visit....