August 24, 2005

Ticking Away

I was reading a friend's recent post about how the time is flying by, tugging at her skirts like a strong breeze. How her children are taller, older, smarter. How her husband is gray and her 40th summer almost over. I know how she feels, as time flies for me too. Reflecting on our grown child and visiting with my family is a reminder of just how fast it does go.

Since our return from Montana, I've felt so good. We returned to the same life we departed, yet somehow it is different. Our son still is far away, Cosine is still old and sick, home improvement projects still loom large and threaten to absorb any free time and money Wendy and I may have for the next bazillion years. Time still flies by each time I blink, but instead of feeling like I am swirling along windswept and out of control, I feel a sense of peace.

I'm looking at the future with a fresh sense of excitement, much like an adventure awaiting our arrival rather than focusing on the past and how things used to be. A great deal of this new outlook is due to The Boy and how he has matured. This visit, we saw a few glimpses of the teenager he was when he left home, but we saw more of the wonderful man he has become.

Time is still fleeting, yes. But times past have laid the groundwork for times future. From where I now stand, the past was well spent and the future is bright. I'll be patiently waiting to see what is to come.



Melodee said...

What a lovely, hopeful post. [I can tell you don't live with a preschooler. ;)] No really, great insight.

Sheryl said...

so there IS hope...grin...I think today perhaps I felt a glimmer of that peace, thanks for sharing

The Scarlet Pervygirl said...

Yes, thank you. That was wonderful.

elswhere said...

Elizabeth! there you are! I was just about to blogroll your site & now it's GONE! (I wrote to Suzanne about it already, even, I got so anxious.) Will it come back, or is the Buttah gone forevah?

--elswhere at gmail dot com

Jennifer said...

times past have laid the groundwork for times future

I so love this post. Thanks for the reminder, darlin'.