August 9, 2005

Sharp Eyes

It started out innocently. My boss invited Wendy and me to accompany him and his wife to a Nationals game.

When I first started working at this office, I'd taken Wendy to the office holiday party, introducing her as my roommate. Yeah well. I didn't know them well enough to say, "Folks, meet Wendy, my red-hot lesbian lover." Roommate worked well enough. They could make of it what they would.

Over the years since, I've only openly discussed my sexuality with one co-worker, but others have figured it out. The boss who issued the invite has acknowledged he knows I'm gay. He's very open and accepting. Hence the invitation for both of us to go to the game.

So there we were in our seats, sipping beer and wiping sweat off our brows. It was a hellishly hot evening. We all clapped and cheered and chatted while enjoying the game. Then a young couple came down the stairs and sat in the empty seats in front of us.

The woman was hot. Not hot like the weather, but hot as in gorgeous. Her perfect skin was perfectly tanned, her long hair worn in a pony tail poking out the back of her Nationals ballcap. Her perfectly flat stomach peeked out from under her cropped t-shirt while her exquisite legs were shown off by her pleated white mini-skirt. Make that a mini-mini-skirt.

Wendy and I enjoy girlwatching together so I elbowed Wendy and motioned for her to take a look. We smiled and smirked. The couple stayed for an inning or so and then stood up to leave. We, being the practiced ooglers that we are, watched her ascend the stairs. That's when I realized she didn't have much, if anything, on under that short, short skirt. Holy hell. Gotta love the city sights!

The game ended, the Nationals losing due to their own ineptitude. My boss and his wife dropped us off at the Metro. A nice evening all the way around.

The next day I was at work, my friend, the one I girlwatch with during our lunchtime walks, came over to my cube.

He said, "Hey, Bossman told me how you and Wendy were checking out some hot chick at the game."

My jaw dropped and my eyes widened. He had noticed Wendy and I oogling? How mortifying! It's one thing to enjoy watching pretty women, it's something else entirely when your boss (and his wife!) catches you in the act!

I put on a brave face and said, "Yeah, but did he notice she had nothing on under her skirt?"

Then his eyes widened and we both just grinned.



Udge said...

Nice recovery!

weese said...

ha haaaa!!!!

The Scarlet Pervygirl said...

Wahahahaha! Oh, rock on.

Eyes for Lies said...

Are you a pro at diversion or what? WOW.

Good job LOL.