August 24, 2004

Another Idiotic Holiday?

Was today National Let Your Child Run Wild In the Safeway Parking Lot Day? Because I had to dodge no fewer than three loose children while their parents either a) disinterestedly and cluelessly strolled in the opposite direction or b) clapped and shouted wildly in appreciation of my smooth maneuvering. All I can say is it is a damn good thing I had my brakes fixed yesterday.

There was but one mother who had her child under control. That mother had her son gripped by the upper arm very tightly. The look on his face screamed "Oh my Mother loves me so much! She must, because otherwise she would not be gripping tightly enough to lift my left foot off the ground and I would not get to hop along spasmodically at her side!"

I don't remember this particular holiday when The Boy was a youth. We really missed out on some fun.

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