August 22, 2004

There's A Male In The House!

After less than 24 hours, it is obvious there is a male in the house.

And I'm not implying having a male in the house is a bad thing. Because in this case, it's a fabulous thing. Make that Fabulous. With a capital "F". It is very pleasing to have him here.

We have never had to share a bathroom, other than occasionally using each others or perhaps while traveling. During this visit however, we all will be sharing the same bathroom. Because we blew the schedule. No biggie really.

But this morning, I found the seat had been left up. You know which seat I'm talking about. I don't ever recall The Boy leaving the seat up before. I know he was conditioned to be a bit more sensitive to the females around him.

So in one short year has all that sensitivity training been wiped out? Does same-sex dorm living negate the need for returning the seat to the down position? I suppose it does.

A small change in a sea of changes. So far the positives we've noticed outweigh any negatives, however. I'll just remind him to put the seat down. No biggie really.

The Boy is home!

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