August 23, 2004

News That Caught My Eye

WTF? Why are we always hearing stories like this?? Why are things like this always happening?? Never, I mean NEVER, will I understand how someone can "forget" their child is in the car. "Accident" my ass.

Sonya's at it again! Baked beans one day and lobsters the next. Yum?


Eyes said...

I find food eating contests like that gross. Not so much in the physical watching of it (though I don't care for that either)- but by the fact that we waste good food for pure pleasure. I find that sickening... There can't be a food contest out there where the contestants don't vomit it all back up. The poor lobsters. I think it is wrong.

No offense.

Mike said...

Bleh! 10 pounds of lobster. I almost vomited reading it. :)

WordsRock said...

I think it's pretty gross too. I've been keeping an eye on this lady since she's from the city I live in.

Personally, I like to savor my lobster. It's a special treat when I get to eat one.