August 28, 2004

Whacked Weekend Ahoy!

Crazy out-of-whack-all-over-the-place weekend ahead.

Saturday morning The Boy departs in my car, bright and early, taking himself and half his stuff back to college.

And while he travels, Wendy and I will be participating in our live fantasy football draft (could the timing be any worse?!) up in Rockville. Afterwards, we'll follow him south in her car with the other half of his stuff. Sunday morning we'll hop into our respective automobiles to make the trek home, one boy and a ton of stuff lighter. I'm hoping for breakfast at Biscuitville before we leave North Carolina.

Sunday afternoon is reserved for vegetating. Serious vegetating. Turn off the phone, pull the shades, lock all the doors, dim the lights, pretend no one is home vegetating.

Monday morning the real world will find us again. Soon enough. Maybe too soon, you know?

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