August 16, 2004


Wendy and I wear similar necklaces. Almost identical actually, except the one she wears has an "S" on it and the one I wear has a "W". The initials are inside of hearts. These necklaces were a gift from my mother last Christmas. She gave me the "S" and Wendy the "W", then suggested we should wear each others. We liked that suggestion. And I really appreciate her having made that suggestion. To me, it represented a true acceptance of our relationship. Which, as you may be able to imagine, feels pretty damned good.

During our family week at the beach, Wendy and I were playing Scrabble with Andrew, our youngest nephew. He's nine years old. He had never played Scrabble before, but caught on very quickly. Even the points part. He was looking at Wendy as she was taking her turn and said "Hey! Does that 'S' on your necklace stand for 'Suzanne'?"

She said "Why yes, yes it does." And I said, as I held mine out for examination, "And mine has a 'W' for Wendy. Grandma gave them to us."

Andrew didn't think there was anything odd about two women wearing each others initials around their necks at all. Because there isn't. I hope as he matures, he continues to have the easy acceptance he has right now.

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Anonymous said...

HI there, it isn't anon, it is me, Liz from Speak of Dreams (

I don't know a single person under 25 who expresses prejudice against same-sex relationships. This may be a bit provincial of me--I don't hang out in fundie circles--but this is an ENORMOUS social change since say 1980. No it is not fast or thorough enough, but there you go.

And how lovely that your mother gave the gifts AND suggested the exchange.