August 20, 2004

Greatest Grilled Cheese Sandwich in America?

I came across this contest to create the Greatest Grilled Cheese Sandwich in America. But if you are going to enter, you'd best hurry. The deadline is TODAY!

My greatest grilled cheese sandwich will always be on sourdough bread. With three Kraft cheese slices. Generously slathered with margarine before being popped into the pan. Sometimes with mustard on the inside. Not that icky yellow mustard rather something golden, rich and flavorful. Perhaps with a glob of tuna fish. Tuna fish is awesome between two slabs of grilled sourdough bread held together with melted gooey cheese.

Interestingly enough, the contest is sponsored by Dupont. They make Teflon, one use of which is the wonderous coating on pans that keeps things from sticking. Making a grilled cheese sandwich without a teflon-coated pan is asking for disaster.

While perusing the contest site, I learned the average American consumes 8.4 grilled cheese sandwiches a year. I haven't eaten even one grilled cheese sandwich yet this year. Not even one. Because Wendy and I can't keep bread in the house. When we do buy it, it always turns green before we can finish the whole loaf. Or even half the loaf.

Green bread and cheese. Now there's a potential winning contest entry! Akin to Green Eggs and Ham? And just about as appetizing.


Brittan M. Rudy said...

Haha grilled cheese is quite simply the best meal you can fix yourself. It's good and doesn't take any time. I can't believe there is actually a contest for making the best grilled cheese. I think that would be a really tough contest to judge but then again, I'm sure these people are professionals. lol Professional grilled cheese
~Brittan M. Rudy

Marn said...

I live in Wisconsin, home of the Green Bay Pakers. We actually have green/yellow (Packer colors, for the uninitiated)marbled bread for sale in the grocery stores during football season. A girlled cheese sandwich on that would be no joke for a Packer fan!

I am a non-cook. My husband does ALL the cooking. Do you want me to tell you why packaged cheese slices irritate me? Truthfully? There is no recipe on the package! I know that I sound insane. (It's like having to put directions on a shampoo bottle.) But if you do not cook and have never seen anyone make a grilled cheese sandwhich, how do you make one? I know how to now that I was informed about buttering the outside of the bread...who knew?! Ha! I am a kitchen idiot but I like to think that my brain is better at other things! P.S. Your grilled cheese sounds like the best ever.

Das Spunken said...


Eyes for Lies said...

I got the blogrolling up and working. I was awfully short-sighted last time. Thanks again!

Todd HellsKitchen said...

Check out this site: for the URL of Sandwiches. Submit yours. Delicious.

Mr. Hell's Kitchen
(Another Gay Over 40 Blogger)