August 10, 2004

Well of course it's personal....

My friend Tina, who has read this blog, made a comment a few weeks ago about it. She said "It's rather personal isn't it?" And it is. At times. But it's not as personal as it could be. And it will never be. Because there are some things I just will not blog about. I may write about them, but my hard drives over the years have eaten lots of stuff I have written without anyone besides myself having read it. Stuff perhaps that I deem really personal.

I consider it therapy. Cheap, inexpensive (well free actually!) therapy. Because for me, writing is therapeutic. And don't we all need some kind of therapy? Life can be freaking hard at times. This blog is just my therapy of choice. Well, writing is and this blog is an extension of that. Oddly enough, it works.

It's also fun. And educational, both from a "learn HTML" standpoint to, at times, "achieving personal insight". So while it is personal to a degree, it's really only one edge of personal. I'm shy, you see. Or I used to be way back when before parenthood put an end to that. Yet I still think of myself that way. Personally.


Mel said...

A friend of mine was shocked--SHOCKED--that I would blog. After all, what if someone READ it? Oh horrors! ;)

Robin said...

I think a lot people assume that the stuff we put in our blogs is what they see in "reality" TV--shocking, outrageous, personal details--stuff that really wouldn't have been on TV 10 years ago. There are people in this world who have no boundaries. I know lots of them. You're not one of them.