August 23, 2004


I think when I was a mother who actually had a child at home I may never have blogged at all. Or at least not more than occasionally.

This week I get to pretend I'm again a mother who actually has a child at home. Except my child is really more an adult. Which can be useful. Take this morning for example. This morning, The Boy will drop me off at work and then drop my car off at the shop for repair and then walk home. After it's done being worked on, he'll walk back and retrieve it, then come pick me up from the office. Nice.

See, my brakes have felt just a bit odd for a while but they still worked just fine. Saturday on the way home from NC however, they started making a horrid noise. Hence the trip to the shop. Now if it was just me, I might procrastinate a bit more before I took it in for service (because I'm stupid that way). But since The Boy will be driving it quite a bit this week, into the shop it goes.

Oh! Day Five dawns.
We're adapting and life is good.

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Mel said...

Blogging helps me stay sane as a mother with children at home. :) Enjoy having your Boy home.