August 25, 2004

A Payoff?

I don't even like eating contests, as mentioned the first time I blogged about them. Then the other day, I made a passing mention. Consequently I have recent exposure to facts about Sonya Thomas and the annual Nathan's Hot Dog Contest.

Today at work, we were having a farewell pizza party for our summer intern. Someone mentioned Sonya Thomas and her recent lobster eating contest. (Why that person thought of eating contests, I don't really know. Because while we may eat a lot, our employees do not devour food like they are being timed for a prize.)

I offered up the tidbit that Sonya lives in Alexandria, which is where our office is located. Then my boss said Sonya had won the Nathan's Hot Dog contest this year also. Knowing that to be not true, I said so. And proceeded to share more information than anyone really needs to know about eating contests in general and the Nathan's Hot Dog contest specifically.

My boss looked at me funny and asked how I knew Sonya hadn't won this year. Did I watch the contest? Not wanting to admit I'd done quasi-research for a personal blog entry (oh geez, do I need a new hobby or what?), I merely said I'd read about it and that I knew a man had won. Others piped up around the table agreeing with my boss, saying they were sure a woman had won that contest. Ooooookay. Discussion ensued until someone (not me!) got up and googled for the truth.

Ah, sweet vindication.

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