October 14, 2004

Pocket Finds

With the onset of colder weather comes the wearing of jackets and coats and other warm items of clothing. Most of which have pockets. And in those pockets will be found surprises left behind the last time those jackets and coats and other warm items of clothing were worn last Spring. Well, our pockets hold surprises. Don't yours?

For my own amusement, I am taking note of items I find in the pockets when I put on a jacket or coat or other warm item of clothing for the first time this season.

So far, I've not found many treasures. But I will. I always do. History repeats itself, doncha know.

So. In the pockets of my black washable suede jacket I found:
  • Two orange sinus pills (hermetically sealed in their blister pack)
  • A wadded up tissue
  • A chewing gum wrapper.
(As an aside, I love love love that washable suede jacket. It's the best of both worlds. No more worrying about getting caught in the rain while enjoying the sensorily satisfying faux-suede. Kudos to my Mom for turning me on to it. In fact, the jacket of which I speak was a gift from her.)

The pockets of my black light rain jacket with hood netted:
  • A Metro farecard with a value of $3.45
  • A wadded up tissue
  • One Vermont quarter
  • A lint-covered breath mint of unknown origin.

My green leather jacket (sounds awful but is perfect for some outfits) pockets held the following:
  • a Bic lighter, green (don't need that anymore now, do I?)
  • Three pennies.

Last year in my gray wool coat I found a $5 bill in one pocket and two $20 dollar bills in another. I'm not allowed to look ahead though. I have to wait until it's actually cold enough to wear the article of clothing before I can check the pockets.

Yeah well. So I'm a creature of habit. Whatever works.


Melodee said...

You are so funny. Once in college, I found $20 in a skirt pocket. That was an excellent day.

Suzanne said...

Mel... do you remember what you did with that $20? Finding unexpected cold hard cash can brighten any day. :)

trish... grilled cheese? From last Spring? Yummy. :)

Yes yes, washable suede! Check into it. It's the coolest stuff around. Feels just like suede but can survive a rainstorm or a trip through the washing machine. Awesome.