August 18, 2005

Domestic Partnerships

The cantankerous, cynical and introverted lady over at Princess Wild Cow tagged me with this meme just before we left for vacation. I think it only fair for me to knock this out before I start blogging about our vacation, don't you? (I didn't write the questions and the grammatical structure gives me the willies! Not that I'm obsessive about such things (ha!). I just would have worded them differently.)
  1. If we are single or in a monogamous relationship?
  2. Wendy and I are happily monogamously coupled.

  3. How long we have been with our partner / significant other / boyfriend / girlfriend?
  4. As previously discussed, we cannot settle on an exact date for our anniversary. The general time frame is between seven and eight years.

  5. How we met?
  6. Well, read right here: Part I of our "story." At the time, I intended to chronicle the rest but haven't gotten around to it yet.

  7. What we like to do together?
  8. The fabric that holds Wendy and I together is woven from our common interests. We love to spoil our pets. We are intense baseball and football fans. We love to read and share books. We both adore playing on our computers. We enjoy toe snuggling (and all other forms of snuggling). We revel in lazy weekends. We are committed to parenting our fabulous son and maintaining quality relationships with our families. We like fires in the fireplace and cheap beer. We socialize friends regularly, but take great pleasure in just being home alone together. Match made in heaven.

  9. If we are single, what life with our ideal spouse/partner would look like?
  10. Not applicable.
I probably should tag some of you other homosexuals out there with this meme, but I'm far too shy to do so. Please feel free to continue it on your blog if you desire.

Our Partnership Deserves Legal Recognition.

The rainbow bar and the link beneath is to a site supporting gay marriage. The text under the bar originally read "Marriage is Love." However I am one who believes there is no reason for homosexuals to emulate heterosexuals by using a word evidently so precious to them (despite the casual way it is treated by so many these days). I desire legal recognition of my relationship and I don't need it to be called marriage.



Princess Wild Cow said...

Honey, you call it whatever you want. I just want everything to be equal for all people. While your shyness is stated, I have every belief that after a few of those cheap beers, you would be the life of the party...Thanks.

Gel said...

Exellent post.I've posted lots on one of my blogs about equality. I'm not homosexual so I won't draw much of an audience if I posted the meme.
Like the commenter above, whatever legal term you wish to use, homosexuals should be entitled to equal legal rights as heterosexuals. We're a straight gay rights family.