June 25, 2004

Blog Browsing

I've been poking around other people's blogs and every so often I find one that is worth taking the time to read. One has to wade through a lot of crap to find something good however. I've happened upon several references to lesbians without even specifically looking for them. These references aren't necessarily good or bad or even neutral. They just are. Well, some are good. Maybe even great. You can judge for yourself.

There's this person here, who believes there is an application process to join our ranks. That's an idea I'll put on par with a license to reproduce (something I've thought of often), but it's really not the most practical idea. After all, do we need more regulation? And heck, what if I applied and was rejected? Where the hell would I be then? She did, however, put together an interesting list of 10 reasons she should become a lesbian. She left the most important reason off her list. Anyone want to take a guess at what that may be?

Or this person here, who expresses concern because she heard the car she drives is a favorite ride of lesbians. Personally I don't know any lesbians who drive a CRV, but then again I've already admitted not knowing too many lesbians despite being one myself. And even if it is true, I wonder why it is a cause for distress?

Or here, where this woman doesn't want to "sound" like a lesbian. Worry not, bloggette. Admiring a woman's breasts could actually make you sound more like a man than a lesbian (not that lesbians don't admire other women's breasts... we do... well I do!). Neither comparison is anything to be feared.

I did come across this blog, a site I'll be keeping up with maybe out of jealousy or more likely to vicariously re-live my own parenting experiences and to savor the memories.

And then this woman wrote a touching tribute to her lesbian mother on Father's Day. Well it's not obvious her mother is a lesbian from that particular post, but that fact is documented as Number 4 on her 100 Things list.

I don't intend to ever specifically look for lesbian blogs. Sometimes it's more rewarding just to stumble around blindly.


C said...

I do want to set the record straight, I realize you can't apply to be a lesbian. That was more of me taking out my frustrations with males and wanting to turn toward the saner sex. I didn't mean to offend you, so I am sorry if I did. But I do hope you'll stop back and read me once in awhile, I know I'll be stopping by you in the furture.

WordsRock said...

Hey there C, no offense taken at all! I was laughing when I read your blog. That's the problem with the written word, at times the laughter doesn't convey no matter how hard one tries. :)


C said...

good good : )
Well then, I'm glad I amused you!