June 26, 2004

Check Ups

Two pets visited the vet for check ups this week.

Figero's test results were again clean and he is now officially off steroids. No more medicinal dosing torture! We're supposed to keep a close eye on him and bring him back before we go on vacation at the end of next month for another test to ensure his blood continues to be parasite free. Easy enough.

Detail we took in just to have another set of eyes look him over. Because we see him day in and day out, it's difficult to be objective about how far he has deteriorated physically. He's lost another seven pounds since April and now weighs in at just over one half of his weight before he got sick. Yikes. He really IS just skin and bones. He doesn't eat his regular chow much anymore. He still drinks plenty of water and enjoys treats and human food, however. Of late, interaction with him has always been instigated by us which is evidently yet another sign of his decline. During our discussion with the vet, I was sitting on the floor and Detail climbed into my lap. He's so sweet, our skinny Fat Boy. We are his protectors. Made me feel guilty as we calmly and rationally discussed his fate. I think he may have known what we were saying. I hope he knows we love him.

We now have official medical authorization to feed him as many treats as he cares to have. Now all we have to do is find a discrete way to slip them to him so the other dogs don't demand treats of their own. They are already getting fat enough from eating his share of regular meals.

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