June 9, 2004

I talk about food more often than I eat it

Sunday, after we'd been working hard all day (and the beat goes on), we decided to treat ourselves with Wing Stop wings for dinner. Nothing like a good healthful choice after all (hey, we'd been working HARD!) We ordered some carrot and celery sticks also to at least eat something resembling a vegetable.

Wing Stop's Crispy Vegetable Sticks are a simple combo of carrots and celery. They are always fresh and truly the crispiest of the crisp. It's like it was designed just for Wendy and me as she doesn't much like raw carrots and I don't much like raw celery. Match made in heaven. We just ordered the regular hot variety of wings although they offer some interesting other flavors. I've not yet met a Wing Stop wing I didn't like.

There is something that invokes a primitive feeling when devouring chicken wings. Eating with one's hands and ripping into the small wings with one's teeth feels raw and primordial, but in a good way. We both like them slathered heavily with bleu cheese dressing. Nothing left but a pile of gnawed on bones devoid of flesh. Grrrowllll! Yum!

Anyway, that night I was the one to phone in the order. Sometimes we negotiate to see who's gonna go pick them up. Or one of us volunteers. Or sometimes we go together and we both like it that way.

This was not the first time we have ordered from this restaurant. We usually treat ourselves every few weeks or when the mood strikes. The last time I called Wing Stop and we arrived to retrieve the wings, instead of being under the name I gave them (Suzanne) they were under the name of Sam. How in-ter-resting.

I see many variations of my name when folks write it down. I've been Sue, Suzi, Susan (often), Suzzane (more often than is reasonable), Susanna and many aberrations of listed renditions. But never have I been Sam. I do have a rather deep voice for a woman (I prefer the term sultry rather than deep, if truth be told). It is not unusual for me to be mistaken for one of the male persuasion on the phone. Never in person, but occasionally on the phone. But Sam from Suzanne? For some reason, this time it left me feeling more than a little sensitive.

So. Fast forward to me phoning in this order. When the nice Wing Stop order-taker answered, I told her I'd like to place an order. But I upped the octave of my voice a notch or two, shy of a falsetto but significantly higher than it really is. Wendy was seated in her office chair just next to mine and her head whipped around at the sound of my voice. I was mildly embarrassed at my charade and she was majorly amused.

Silly Sam I am.

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