June 26, 2004


We've been watching bits and pieces of the College World Series this past week or so. I truly enjoy seeing non-professionals play the game, perhaps the stars of the future before they join the ranks of the highly paid professional players. And while it is baseball, even baseball in a purer form than professional, it is lacking a quality that to me makes baseball really baseball.

It's the sound when a bat makes contact with a ball. Oh sure, there is something to hear when the ball is hit. But in the CWS it's a "tink" rather than the ever-so-satisfying-wow-that-ball-is-going-somewhere "crack" of a wooden bat hitting the ball. It's those damned aluminum bats. Tink. Doesn't matter if the ball is sailing over the right field fence or dribbling down the third base line or finding the gap between left and center or just going foul. Tink. It's just wrong.

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