June 20, 2004

Instant Amusement

I have a wide silly streak. Wide enough that the "S" in my "Suzanne" acronym could well have been "Silly". But Wendy pushed for "Sensual" so that was that. Sometimes when I'm home, either alone or with Wendy home too, I can instantaneously experience incredible silly amusement with our pets. This is one of my favorites.

I kneel on the floor and hang my head. This causes a great level of consternation among the dogs because their humans typically do not kneel on the floor and hang their heads. My puppers gather round and start by poking me with their noses. They click-clack all around me in circles. Dudley always gets a little whine going on. Cosi tosses in a bark or two or three. They head butt my torso and attempt to lift my chin with their big doggie heads. Oh, and a tail whipping from Dudley is part of the experience (the other two have cropped tails which are too short to whip with). I sit there and just laugh. I wrap it up by gathering them in my arms for a great big group hug.

Simple pleasures. Good stuff!

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