June 24, 2004

Singing in the Rain?

Our company picnic was yesterday. It rained, but we had a pavilion so it mattered not. The rain made the sack race a bit more challenging and this year when Phil fell, the mud splash was spectacular.

We had a really cool moonbounce. It was divided into sections with a ladder and a slide connecting the rooms. Mad fun. The kids were adorable. One can tell quite a bit about people by watching them interact with children.

I was responsible for bringing deviled eggs and water balloons (among other things). The night before, Wendy peeled three dozen hard boiled eggs for me---no small task (she's the best!). She and I took turns filling up balloons until we had a huge cooler full. I think the adults had even more fun than the kids did with the balloons. I know I did.

My favorite memory of this particular picnic, however, was seeing my vegetarian boss surreptitiously gnawing on one of the delicious barbequed ribs. Rules are meant to be broken, after all.

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