June 10, 2004

Something's Missing

Bizarre story from Japan excerpted from cnn.com:
"TOKYO, Japan (AP) -- The decomposed body of a man dressed in pajamas was discovered in an abandoned Tokyo apartment building 20 years after he is believed to have died, police said Thursday ... The man, identified only as former worker of the company that built the apartments, was in his mid-50s when he divorced his wife, left home and moved into the building in the early 1980s, the official said ... The man's remains have been returned to his ex-wife."
That's where my brain started to twist. It's rather painful. Imagine:
  1. You are a woman.
  2. A Japanese woman.
  3. In your culture, family is everything.
  4. Your husband divorces you and moves out.
  5. You may or may not have attempted to contact him during that period, but it's been at least 20 years since you've seen or spoken to him.
  6. Maybe you've been raising his kids and taking care of his parents as well as your own during that time.
  7. The authorities find his body and return it to you.
  8. What in the hell do you do with it?
Then again, maybe she killed him in a rage after he spurned her and left him rotting in that apartment building. Maybe she is taking a perverse joy in his long-since-decomposed-nothing-left-but-bones-in-pajamas being found in such an undignified situation. Maybe she's happy because now she has actual proof of his death and can collect the life insurance. Maybe she hadn't even noticed he was gone.

Here's where I really need good ole Paul Harvey. Then I'd know The Rest Of The Story.


Uyanga said...

I'm sort of wondering about the people who used to be in the other apartments. Not... observant. X-x

WordsRock said...

Evidently the building had been abandoned even before the guy moved in and had been empty for all these years. Well, sorta empty with the exception of this guy's corpse.