June 21, 2004

Indigos Evening

The concert Saturday night was great fun. It differed from the other Indigo Girls concerts we have attended in several ways.

First, it wasn't at Wolftrap this year. We instead had to drive all the way to Merriweather Post Pavilion (our Maryland compatriots considered that a bit of a bonus). The two venues, while similar in that they are pavilions that offer lawn seating, have different rules. At Wolftrap, patrons can bring in whatever they desire: coolers, food, any beverage in any container, whatever. Merriweather only allows you to bring in unopened plastic bottles of water. They are, however, more than happy to sell you an assortment of food and beverages, such as a 16-ounce beer for $8. How special. So we all arrived early and had a picnic in the parking area as a compromise.

And while the usual suspects joined us for this traditional summer outing, we had some new faces join our group. Our friend Jackie came along as did Sherri, a co-worker of Wendy's (both of them first time Indigo Girls concert-goers). We missed Katie and Rob and Elena and Susie who were not able to come this year because Katie and Rob have a new son, Elena has a new brother and Susie has a new grandson (you figure out the connection). We did have a new male representative: Mary's boyfriend! He was not made aware that he would be the sole male person among our group, but he handled it just fine. None of us had met him before and I hope we did not overwhelm him. (I did refrain from telling him he'd best treat Mary as well as she deserves to be treated or he'd suffer our wrath. And he would, so he'd better.) He seems nice and they make a cute couple.

The cell phone activity was interesting also. The Boy caught up with us in the parking lot on Wendy's cell, rather indignant at the difficulty he'd had at getting in touch with us (inadvertent paybacks perhaps but it would make me really happy to have an uninterrupted quiet phone session with him just to listen to his adventures). Mary called Hillary who was also somewhere at the concert so she could hook up with us. Jenny called her boyfriend Tom who was supposed to be hanging out with MariSusan's husband Paul but was not, reason unknown. Wendy called her mother to confirm that the Riverwalk in San Antonio was indeed on the San Antonio River. And Jackie called someone twice, once during Closer to Fine and again during Galileo. But who? Who was she calling? And why? Ah intrigue. I may have to make up a story about that someday, but not today.

Their set list was fabulous. A great mix of old and new, and much to Wendy's delight they played their rendition of Dylan's Tangled Up in Blue. There was a big video screen that we folks on the lawn could watch and Emily has something going on with her face that is icky. Amy looked pretty rough, but then she usually does (Wendy opined that she had great arms though, and she does but Wendy's are better). They sounded incredible, so I reminded myself again (as I do each morning when I look in the mirror?) that looks are not everything.

Rockin' evening it was. You should have been there.

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