June 19, 2004

A Sign!

Well it's some kind of sign, and of course my worrying mother mind can turn it into either a good sign OR a bad sign. In that I am an optimist, I will elect for it to be a good sign.

The Boy called his aunt Sherab last night and chatted for 30 minutes! She reported to us this morning knowing we'd like to know he'd called. She said he sounds great, has a really busy schedule and, something we had not yet heard, has landed an understudy role in the production. Coolest. It also is heartening to know he is keeping in touch with her. She adores him. Like the rest of us. He did report, however, that performing in the heat in the sweat-inducing period costumes (wool and leather? egad!) is making it difficult for him to keep on weight. (Note to self: send more calorie-laden foods to The Boy.)

This second hand conversation almost makes up for us missing his phone calls all week. Almost... kinda sorta... but not really.

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