June 23, 2004

The Kiss

This is just... well... hot. I'd give proper credit and props and such to both the photographer and the models but I don't know who they are and I can't read the fine print at the bottom of this little image and I'm not inspired to look it up right now. Suffice it to say I admire both the artist and the art forms.


C said...

That's the girls from the group Tatu. I don't know who took it though.

WordsRock said...

Thanks for that info, C. But now I'm feeling a bit like a perv because those girls are about the same age as my son. But wait! It's the artistic value I appreciate! It's all about the art! ;>

Mohit Maheshwari said...

good photography ...!!!! and good aesthetics..!!

Anonymous said...

how can you not see the small letter below..it says "Tanya Chalkin" and those aren't the girls from tatu... search tanya chalkin on google and you see another pic of them with their faces. ^_^

Anonymous said...

Hello im a fann of the pic=)
Ihave the poster over my bed
The smallprint says: Helena on the right and tabatha!
theres an e-mail of a manager for more infos mail to rincewind90@hotmail.com

Gaylicious© said...

I am a fan of this poster as well. I have it on one of my closet doors.

Nice to see another lesbian blogger ::smiles::

Anonymous said...

i don¨t know but this picture to me (male, 37) just seems to be an utterly redundant piece of pseudo-lesbian crap (which is to say I expected a male author) - voyeuristic, not saying nutting except "yeah two chicks kissing" it is awesome..

man i'm too old for that, i want real people with fat and cellulite, ya dig?!

flat piece of soft pornography

cheers alexbrand@gmx.ch

Anonymous said...

Yeah, those aren't the girls from t.A.T.u.

Anonymous said...
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