June 22, 2004

Rock and a Hard Place?

I used to believe (and I wasn't shy about verbalizing it) that a person should not complain about their job unless they were willing to take action. In other words, quit complaining and do something about it.

And now I find myself in that position. In a job I really don't like. It's bigger than not liking it, more that I get absolutely ZERO personal satisfaction from it. It's boring. Repetitive. Dull. Someone may take joy in the type of things I have to do at work, but it's not me. Actually it's the parts of my job that were not parts of my job when I was originally hired that have become so numbing. There were just a few of the distasteful and dull things when I first went to work there. And those I could handle because the fun things were more predominant. But we downsized a tad and someone else's tasks became mine in addition to my original tasks. And now the boring things outnumber the fun parts and dull my mind so much I don't enjoy much of anything there.

And then I realize how deeply ensnared I am in "the trap". I am paid extremely well. And enjoy the benefits of full-time employment while working only three days a week. All the trimmings. Paid health care, both short and long term disability, parking, life insurance, guaranteed 401(k) contribution, bonuses, vacation, sick and TWELVE paid holidays a year. How many companies give you July 4th Friday and Monday off? Few. Very. And it's but an easy ten mile commute from my home---which really means something in this locale. I don't have to fill in a timesheet. Did I mention I can wear jeans and sneakers to work whenever the mood strikes?

But wait! There's more! Toss in some truly interesting people to work with. Folks I've come to respect and admire. Their business acumen and ethics as well as personally. Genuinely good people.

It's a true conundrum. I feel like a whore. Well not a whore-whore, but a proverbial whore. You know what I mean? I fear for my spirit.

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